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My goal for being a nurse began when I was 8 years old. Although that first application to nursing school was kindly rejected, I achieved that goal 10 years later when I was accepted to begin my formal nursing education. Since graduating as a Registered Nurse, I dedicated myself to helping others even while raising my children and completing my higher education to acquire my graduate nursing degree. Always setting my sights and goals higher, I have been fortunate to experience many diverse, unique, and exciting roles throughout my career. Through the tremendous support of my husband, mentors, colleagues, and friends, the quest for creating my own business became a reality eleven years ago with the birth of Positive Outcomes Healthcare Quality, LLC.

I am still a nurse but helping others has taken a different path from my clinical days in the Emergency Department, paramedic unit, and Peri-Operative areas. My many years of clinical experiences as a care-giver, manager, multi-disciplinary and multi-agency liaison, educator, committees’ chair, collaborative team player, and my education combined to make Positive Outcomes successful. My focus now is educating and assisting healthcare professionals like yourselves achieve excellence in QUAPI performance and reporting. 

As an educator and business owner of Positive Outcomes, my skill set continues to be applied to helping our customers achieve their Quality Management program requirements and teaching on-line classes to nursing students. My talents for detail orientation, organization, writing, collaborator, and quest for Patient Safety enable me to focus on Quality Management and maximize what we can offer our customers. Achieving excellence in Quality Management is a continuum that I consider to be an educational process in addition to just meeting regulatory and accreditation requirements.

But life can not always be all about work. My love for all things nature, hiking, kayaking, photography, scuba diving and the Caribbean, yoga, travel, our two German Shepherds, and spending time with friends and our family are the things that bring grounded balance to my life with joy, adventure, and excitement.

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Collaboration - Together: a team approach.

Commitment - To our clients and healthcare.

Integrity - Ethical, honest, reliable. Dedicated to doing the right thing always.

Knowledge - Expert in our field.

Performance - Organized and meticulous.

Quality - Best practices.

Supportive - An educational philosophy.